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Standard Talking Machine model A with in all original condition

Here is the beautiful horn on this Standard Talking Machine Model A. The horn is in really nice condition, as in fact, the red paint on these horns was notoriously weak. Most have been repainted... but not this one. It is absolutely original and ready for you to leave as is or restore to like new condition.


From the side, you can see the horn's original red color really shines. The cabinet is all original and very nice.


The Columbia client brands (as this was a Columbia product) were notable for their bold and exuberant decals... and this one is no different. Colorful and makes a strong statement.


The parts are all original and in full working condition.


Close up of the turntable, note the speed control / on-off switch in the front and the unique 1/2" center spindle. Many Standard turntables are modified to accept Victor records... but then lose their originality. This one is just as is should be.


Even the fossilized rubber feet remain on the bottom, with some fragments of a shipping label. Too bad it's a little faded and rough, but it does attest to the original condition of this lovely specimen.


The Standard Talking Machine was a superb experiment in marketing -- that worked! The Standard Talking Machine Company, out of Chicago during the 1905-1915 period, had the idea that if they could sell phonographs very reasonably, customers would come back to buy records from the same company. This concept was excellently planned as indeed, the Standard Talking Machine took special records with 1/2" center holes! So, all those customers who bought cheap machines (actually made by Columbia but rebranded as Standards) were "hooked" on the special Standard records, at whatever the cost was! This example is in fine condition and does play well. Comes complete with a set of Standard records (of course!) and plenty of needles for years of entertainment!

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