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Edison Triumph Phonograph with Oak Music Master Cygnet horn

Very few of these Triumphs with wood horns come up for sale... here is a fine example with a deep, rich tone.


The massive cabinet with lid sports an enormous amount of tiger-striped oak!


The rear of the cabinet and its Cygnet horn crane.


Lovely Edison decal.


The motor is the powerful three-spring variety. This is the model D Triumph motor, introduced 1908.


The bedplate shows the typical Edison gold stencil and pinstripe work, and showing the 2 and 4 minute gear changer.


Note the Edison Trademark silkscreen decoration and the carriage push-pull trigger, unique to this model!


The horn and horn elbow. The wood horn is highly sought-after for obvious reasons!


The decal on the Music Master horn.


The Edison Triumph Phonograph was the top-of-the line in the regular series of Edison cylinder phonographs and found its way into the wealthier of American homes. Needless to say, it remains an elite phonograph in modern collections. Produced during the 1908-10 period, this phonograph incorporates 2 and 4 minute gearing factory-installed on the mandrel shaft. The cabinet is a deep, rich original oak with strong tiger striping, and the Edison script decal is in superb condition. The black enameling is excellent, the bedplate gold striping is in average condition; metal components very well preserved and with a fine original crank and motor. What really makes this phonograph a standout is the superb oak Cygnet horn. The horn is very tight, with no splitting or veneer loss. The deep, rich oak finish matches the phonograph and there are only a few microscopic dings to the wood. With decals on horn and wood-grain painted steel elbow. With a selection of records, Model H reproducer, and ready to take its place in your collection.

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